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Unix Training Course

Note: This course is currently not being offered. We hope to offer it again in the near future.

Elements Of How The UNIX Operating System Works

Detail is taught in areas like:
  • Permissions of files and directories
  • Unmask to set default permissions
  • Setting the ownership of files or directories
  • Managing your search PATHs
  • Importance of the TERM variable
  • Setting up user logins
  • Managing the UNIX spooling system
  • Checking the status of spooled jobs
  • Tuning the kernel and why
  • Finding a file or application
  • Searching the contents of file with grep
  • Using the UNIX editors ed, ex or vi
  • Using more or pg to scan for information in a file
  • Using tail or head to check for beginning or ending information
  • Appending information to a file
  • How to copy, move or rename files
  • Linking files
  • How to kill a hung process
  • Using UNIX mail

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