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May 1st 2005

Effective July 1st 2005:
BASIS SAM Plan Re-instatement Fee

BASIS International has announced the introduction of a non-discountable SAM Plan re-instatement fee to become effective July 1st, 2005.

After July 1st, 2005, to renew a SAM Plan that has expired, you will be required to:
1) Buy-back the SAM Plan to the SAM expiration date
2) Purchase SAM for one future year from the transaction date
3) Pay the SAM Plan re-instatement fee, which will be an amount equal to 12% of new license pricing, according to user count & product type.

To avoid paying the SAM Plan re-instatement fee on a license, you have the option of renewing your SAM Plan every year. You will know when a SAM Plan is up for renewal when you receive an e-mail message from us with pricing and further instructions. The annual renewal of a SAM Plan will be more cost effective than re-instating an expired SAM.

Renewing your SAM Plan annually offers the following benefits:
1) Receive product upgrades to add functionality to your existing applications.
Eg. Encrypt confidential data for your customers.

2) Change operating systems at no additional cost.
Eg. Move from SCO to the latest version of LINUX.

3) Receive redundant licensing functionality for fail-safe network configurations.
Eg. Upon request for the "redundant licensing feature", this license type allows the placement of a BASIS License Manager on each of three (3) networked computers. If one (1) of the workstations fails, application operators will continue to have BBx users served by the two functioning BLM stations.

4) Receive a better price on additional users.
Eg. Add users based on the total user price tier (eg. 51-99 users), as opposed to how many users you add at the time (1-4 users).

5) Receive 5 support incidents per license from BASIS directly if required.
Eg. Support incidents include free telephone support.

6) Ability to reset a license.
Eg. A license must be rest if the machine's HostID changes for any reason.

The need to change the release level of your BBx/BBj may be driven by uncontrollable outside forces:

Your operating system supplier may abandon support of your older release in favour of a new release that will force a change in the underlying BBx/BBj to keep your application running.

Your business may be undergoing significant competitive or legislative pressures that drive an unforeseen change in functionality. You may now be required to encrypt your data to meet auditor scrutiny, centralize your computing power through the addition of thin client capabilities or you may wish to introduce web services or browser connectivity capabilities to give your customer access to delivery data.

We ask that you inform your end-users of the benefits of SAM, and they should also be made aware of the conditions under which SAM can be renewed.

If there are any questions regarding SAM Plan and this announcement, please contact Dave Foster at ext. 111, or Cathy Sweet at ext. 104.

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