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BASIS Product Training

Introduction to BBj

During this 3 day seminar, participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of BBj technology, with all the new enhancements. topics may include: configurations, setup and global interfacing. Participants will use the BBj thin client, BBjIDE, and place their code onto a web server. They are encouraged to provide some of their own code for conversion to BBj. The new ways for debugging code are provided and practiced with the BBjIDE. Use of Java object variables and Java objects will also be covered during the session.

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Advanced BBj

This three-day class offers experienced BBj® developers the opportunity to expand their knowledge of BBj and Business BASIC applications through discussions with their peers and the instructor. Discussions include application and coding issues from the developers' own systems, along with strategies for developing and enhancing BBj-based systems. Learn how to produce and consume Web services, taking your application to new heights. Topics are drawn from the requests of the participants and will include, using objects in BBj, BBj programming techniques, use of Java classes, the BBj MDI, Namespaces, the BBj file system plug-in interface, the BBjForm Object with PDF output generation, and the JavaBBjBridge.

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